MontyPvP - Faction Server

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Everyone join this new server by IntenseArmadillo!


JOIN JOIN JOIN - 'Join the Armadillo Army'

MontyPvP is a Faction and Raid server designed to provide 24/7 PvP. To make the server more unique, we have Weekly drop party, fresh starting kits, vote rewards, shops, VIP ranks and more! Come on to see...

New 200$ "Build" Competition

Donation Infomation

MontyPvP buycraft, this is the place to get all of the best perks to gain a advantage on your enemy.

To donate, Visit - /buy or Click on the donate button on the right tab.

New Server Upgrade - No Lag/ More Capacity

Yet again, another server upgrade comming soon. We are hoping to move to a server which is 3x faster (Holds 350 Players) AND its alot cheaper for us. We recently purcahsed dos protection, Monty is well on its way to becomming a proper Hub server in the future, just need to allocate some time over the holidays. Your donations help buy the server, to donate, thanks! <3

Vote here for In game Rewards!

Wow, Been a while since ive updated the website. You now get TONS of new stuff, to see them all, type /Vote.

Click Above to Donate, For more detailed and updated donation info, visit /warp donate in game.

Sponsor Info - READ

Do you want a free Sponsor rank? To get the Sponsor rank you can either make your own youtube video about the server, can be anything you want. Or, if you are unable to create a video about the server, then you can alternitively download the official MontyPvP Trailer from below. Upload either Option 1 or Option 2 to youtube, submit the link to the youtube video to this website. Go to Fourmes, look for Video for Sponsor. Click on this, then create a new topic. NOTE - You may need to sign up to the website or log in.

MontyPvP Trailer Download Links To ReUpload for Sponsor

Win 200$ Real Life Money, Simply go to

New Website Soon guys! <3